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About Us

At E-Academy, we are driven by our belief in the power of social change and transforming lives for the better.

Research shows that children today, particularly those with learning barriers, respond positively to content that includes sound, colour and movement and we have developed our Grade content to include all of these.

Our "Grade Bundle" video resources for Grades 4-9 are designed to cover the CAPS* Curriculum without any fluff to create a robust curriculum that can be taught in a realistic eight-week, termly timeframe. Where applicable, each video lesson is supported by printable activities and memos to ensure a blended-learning environment that encourages learners to practice vital skills.

The videos serve as base lessons for busy teachers who would rather spend their time teaching and reinforcing core concepts and as an aid for parents to ensure that all the basic concepts are covered. Teachers and parents can easily enhance the lessons by adding their own activities and exercises.

*Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement

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