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Cookie Policy

In the use of our websites ( and – 'the Websites'), you agree to our Cookie Policy which is subject to change sporadically. Your continued use of our Websites means your agreement to these changes. Please visit our Cookie Policy recurrently for updates.

Cookies are files holding information saved by your browser on any Internet-prepared device – like a laptop, cell phone or tablet when you visit a website. These cookies allow us to differentiate you from other users and help us in supplying you with an improved experience while browsing our website. It also allows us to enhance our website.

Cookies remember your activity and preferences (such as language, font size, logins, and more preferences) to discern you from other website users, assist in refining your online experience, and helps us supply you with the most pertinent services and products.

How to Manage Cookies

Cookies are set mainly up automatically on Internet browsers. You can modify your device or browser settings to block cookies if you do not wish our websites to keep them. You can refuse to supply your consent to our gathering of non-essential Cookies.
First- or third-party cookies may be disabled in your browser settings.
You can delete or block cookies, but you could have to change some preferences manually when you visit our Websites as several features of the Websites may not function as planned.

You must make certain that each browser on each device is changed to match your cookie preferences if you use various devices to access and view our Websites.

We, or other third parties we work with, can place, or acknowledge individual cookie statistics or other technologies situated on your browser when you visit our Websites to gather information about your use of the website and your online actions over time and cover independent websites.

We can apply that information to show interest-based advertisements to you as you browse the Internet.
Even if you choose not to allow cookies, you could still come across advertisements from E-Classroom or E-Academyonline that are not personalised based on Cookies.

Types of Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These are mandatory for the functioning of our Websites. These Cookies are vital in assisting you in browsing our Websites and utilising their features, such as gaining access to protected areas of the Websites or operating the shopping basket. We use Strictly Necessary cookies to remember the goods and services you chose when you arrive at the payment page and recognise you as being logged in to the Websites. These Cookies also supply you with access to secure areas of our Websites and recall previously entered text, so it is not lost if you refresh the page.

Performance Cookies

These assist us in enhancing the way our Websites work. We use these Cookies to examine how our visitors use our Websites and keep track of our site performance. They inform us how people use each page, which ones are most viewed, or whether there were any errors to provide a high-quality experience and swiftly pinpoint and erase any shown issues. We can use these Cookies to save preferences and observe which link between pages is most helpful. They also help with web analytics to supply anonymous statistics on how our Websites are used, assist with error management in tweaking the Websites by noting any errors that occur and check ad response rates to decide on the usefulness of our adverts.

Functionality Cookies

These authorise us to save your preferences. We can use Functionality Cookies to track your chosen settings, such as colours, layouts, font sizes and page backgrounds and note if we have previously asked you to complete a survey. They also check if you have seen a pop-up before to make certain it does not get shown to you again and process a request from a user to enter a comment or blog or forum post.

Targeting Cookies

These assist us in ensuring that the ads you see on our Websites are pertinent to you and your interests. Targeting Cookies may also be shown on your device by our third-party service suppliers that recall you have visited the site to supply you with ads more applicable to you. We use these Cookies to accumulate information about browsing patterns, or to pick out site content, supply links to social networks and supply advertising agencies with information on your viewing so that they can offer you advertisements in which you may be inspired.

Persistent Cookies are Cookies that persist on a viewer's device for the time identified in the Cookie. They have operated each time that the user visits the site that made that Cookie.

Session Cookies are Cookies that permit website operators to join a user's steps throughout a browser session. One of these begins when a user starts the browser window and finishes when they close the browser window. Session Cookies are created temporarily. Once you exit the browser, we delete all cookies for the session.

Google Analytics Cookies

Our Websites use Google Analytics Cookies, which track search queries, traffic levels and visits to our Websites. These cookies allow Google to decide whether you are a return visitor to the site and trace the pages you view throughout your session.

Most Cookies on our Websites are persistent Cookies, while others are session cookies, and "first-party" and “third-party” Cookies.

First-party Cookies are those decided by a site that the user is viewing at the time (e.g., cookies put in by or
Third-party Cookies are cookies decided by a domain other than the site being viewed by the visitor. If a viewer visits a site and a separate institution sets a cookie through that site, this is a Third-Party Cookie.

To learn how to control and delete cookies, visit or

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