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Grade 9


Here you will find everything that applies to the whole grade in one place.

Please check this page regularly for notices and useful information.

2023-2024 Curriculum

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) surprised us all by making more changes to the previously announced 2021-2023 curriculum, which is further down on this page. The adjustments for 2023-2024 were only published well into January 2024, and while we pride ourselves on providing resources that are aligned to the CAPS curriculum, reworking our content to cater for the DBE's previous amendments was a mammoth task. Thank you for your patience as we work through the impact of the new Annual Teaching Plans (ATPs) to figure out how best we can help you to address them.

Where content is marked on our website as such, you can be sure that the work is aligned with the 2023-2024 curriculum. Where it is not yet stated, it does not mean the content is incorrect. It just means that we haven't had a chance to check its alignment yet. Where changes are required, content has usually just been moved to another term or it may have been removed altogether, in which case you may choose to skip it or use it for enrichment.

2023-2024 Annual Teaching Plans


Save time! Download all the ATPs at once.


ATP - Annual Teaching Plan

AAL - Afrikaans Additional Language

CAPS - Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement

DBE - Department of Basic Education

EAT - Eerste Addisionele Taal

FAL - First Additional Language

FAT - Formal Assessment Task

FET - Further Education and Training

HL - Home Language

NST - Natural Sciences and Technology

SACE - South African Council of Educators

TBA - To Be Announced


Grade 9 Subjects

English Home Language
Coming in 2024
Coming in 2024
Technology (worksheets only)
Life Orientation (worksheets only)
Coming in 2024

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