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Afrikaans Additional Language: Gr 4 Year-end Revision Quizzes


Access expires 14 December 2024

Suitable for: 8 – 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

  • 11 Videos
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Test and review your knowledge with these language review quizzes. These 11 comprehensive videos will help you prepare for tests and exams. The videos include: passive and active form, spelling patterns (i and ie, d and t, long and short vowels), question pronouns, word order in sentences (STOMPI), sentence types (questions, command sentences, exclamatory sentences and imperative sentences), parts of speech (conjunctions, pronouns and adjectives), nouns (diminutives, plurals and gender), negative form and singular, plural and compound sentences. There is also one video that tests your writing skills.

Afrikaans Additional Language
Year-end Revision Quizzes

8 - 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

11 Videos

The content covered is included here:

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