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English Home Language: King of Shadows (without video)


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Suitable for: 12 – 15 years / CAPS Gr 8 – 9

  • 17 Worksheets
  • 17 Memos

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Take a trip with Nathan Field – an 11-year-old American drama student chosen to perform at The New Globe Theatre in London with The Company of Boys. The year is 1999. The boys will perform two Shakespearean plays at the newly constructed Globe. Nat plays Puck in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" …opposite Oberon – the king of the fairies – and performed by William Shakespeare himself. How is this possible? You will have to come along to witness Nat's journey of a lifetime.

A fantastical story, filled with non-fiction, eases you into exploring Shakespeare's work. 2-in-1: Study a novel and learn the fundamentals of the Shakespearean play: "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Even if Susan Cooper's "King of Shadows" is not the book you are reading, this content will still be invaluable to you. Learn about characterisation, setting, background, plot, themes and point of view. Lessons that require reading the novel will include the relevant extracts. In addition, the language and grammar components will help you practise crucial concepts like connotations, emotive language, figures of speech and summarising skills.

  • 01 Pre-reading and beginning of Ch 1
  • 02 Ch 1 - Reading
  • 03 Ch 2 - Introduction to The New Globe Theatre
  • 04 Ch 2 - Listening comprehension - "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • 05 Listening and speaking - An introduction to Elizabethan England
  • 06 Ch 3 and 4 - Reading and viewing a novel - Comprehension
  • 07 Ch 5 - Reading and writing - Writing a summary
  • 08 Ch 6 - Reading and viewing literary text
  • 09 Ch 7 and 8 - Reading and understanding
  • 10 Ch 9 and 10 - Reading and summarising a novel
  • 11 Ch 11 and 12 - Reading extracts from a novel
  • 12 Ch 13 - Listening and speaking - Summarising a novel
  • 13 Ch 14 - Reading and viewing literary text
  • 14 Ch 15 - Writing and presenting a descriptive essay based on a novel
  • 15 Ch 16 and 17 - Coming back to the future
  • 16 Ch 18 - The second-last chapter
  • 17 Ch 19 - Completing "King of Shadows"

English Home Language
"King of Shadows" by Susan Cooper

12 - 15 years / CAPS Gr 8 - 9

17 Worksheets + 17 Memos

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It is an answer sheet or a marking guide.

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  • Some worksheets don't need memos.
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I bought and downloaded the files. Why are there fewer memos than were advertised?
At first glance, it may look that way, but sometimes memos are included at the end of the worksheet activities.

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