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English Home Language: Poetry (without video)


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Suitable for: 12 – 16 years / CAPS Gr 7 – 9

  • 15 Worksheets
  • 15 Memos

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Don't delay. Analyse poetry today! Hear the poems, feel the poems, read the words out loud. Read them to yourself or read them to a crowd. Whichever way you choose, you'll feel what's being said – and if you need some help with the questions in your head ... don’t look any further; we'll assist along the way. All you have to do is click to hear us say: "Poetry has rhythm, poetry has rhyme. You can read poetry and write it all the time." Poetry is imagery, and over here, you’ll find techniques that will express that picture in your mind. Mic drop!

  • 01 A recap on some poetic devices
  • 02 More revision on poetic devices
  • 03 Answering questions on poetry - "My dog likes to disco"
  • 04 Answering questions on poetry - "My computer ate my homework"
  • 05 Answering questions on poetry - "Bradley Bentley Baxter Bloome"
  • 06 Shape poetry - Limericks
  • 07 Shape poetry - Diamante poems
  • 08 Shape poetry - Cinquains
  • 09 Listening to a poem
  • 10 Reading a poem
  • 11 Reading and understanding a variety of poems
  • 12 Reading poetry about technology - Focusing on figures of speech
  • 13 Poetry based on social issues
  • 14 Poetry in motion
  • 15 In-depth analysis of a poem - Protest poetry

English Home Language

12 - 16 years / CAPS Gr 7 - 9

15 Worksheets + 15 Memos

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Frequent Questions

What is a memo?

It is an answer sheet or a marking guide.

Why don't all the worksheets have memos?
  • Some worksheets don't need memos.
  • Sometimes the worksheet includes a marking rubric.
  • Some memos are still being developed. They probably won't be completed this year, but if they are, they'll be included here at no extra cost.
I bought and downloaded the files. Why are there fewer memos than were advertised?
At first glance, it may look that way, but sometimes memos are included at the end of the worksheet activities.

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