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English Home Language: The 9 Parts of Speech


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Suitable for: 13 – 16 years / CAPS Gr 8 – 10

  • 9 Videos
  • 9 Worksheets
  • 9 Memos

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If you want to grasp parts of speech (no, not figures of speech!) once and for all, look no further. You might ask, "Why nine parts of speech?" There are various nouns, pronouns and adjectives; then there are articles that have been separated from adjectives because they are unique. There's the trickiest part of speech by far – verbs – and their adventurous adverbs; the final three parts of speech are prepositions (these little guys are not as innocent as they look), conjunctions and interjections, of course! Find an in-depth study of parts of speech right here.

  • 01 Nouns
  • 02 Pronouns
  • 03 Adjectives
  • 04 Articles
  • 05 Verbs
  • 06 Adverbs
  • 07 Prepositions
  • 08 Conjunctions
  • 09 Interjections

English Home Language
The 9 Parts of Speech

13 - 16 years / CAPS Gr 8 - 10

9 Videos + 9 Worksheets + 9 Memos

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Frequent Questions

What is a memo?

It is an answer sheet or a marking guide.

Why don't all the worksheets have memos?
  • Some worksheets don't need memos.
  • Sometimes the worksheet includes a marking rubric.
  • Some memos are still being developed. They probably won't be completed this year, but if they are, they'll be included here at no extra cost.
I bought and downloaded the files. Why are there fewer memos than were advertised?
At first glance, it may look that way, but sometimes memos are included at the end of the worksheet activities.

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