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Gr8 Mathematics - Term 2 Mock Assessment Pack 1


Access expires 14 December 2024

What is included:

  • 1 Video Tutorial
  • 1 Mock Exam Paper
  • 1 Memo

Before purchasing, download the question paper to see what is covered.

Mock assessments with video tutorials

Assessments are written according to the CAPS requirements, and even assessments that have not been perfectly aligned with the latest amended teaching plan are still valid for revising and practicing. So you can just go ahead and skip over any questions that you did not cover.

E-Academy’s assessment papers and videos are based on a typical mid-year paper and guide learners through what they could expect to be asked in an exam.

They allow the learner to either print the paper and attempt it without guidance and then check their answers against the memo and watch the video tutorial to understand where they went wrong or go through the paper with the video tutorial.

Either way, the learner is afforded a stress-free opportunity to practice the skill of writing an assessment and revising crucial topics.

Remember that these resources are available for anyone to purchase, so use our assessments as templates for your own question papers, but don't use them verbatim for actual exams.

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