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Grade 7


Access until 15 December 2021

Grade 7 is available now at a reduced rate as it is still being developed.

So many of you are requesting Grade 7, that we’ve decided to give you access to it now even though we’re still developing and quality checking it. Instead of R480, we’re offering it to you for R360.

Term 1, 2 and 3 content has been uploaded for the five subjects indicated below. Term 4 content is well underway for these subjects and is included in the price.

The subjects that are marked as “In Development” will be made available as and when content is ready. We will keep you updated here of probable dates once we know what we can deliver. Term 2 Afrikaans First Additional Language Weeks 1-6 are available now. Week 7&8 will be available soon. Life Orientation will not be developed this year.


What is included:

  • Video lessons by qualified teachers
  • Activity sheets and memorandums (answer sheets)
  • Assessments & Revision are being uploaded as soon as available.
  • Access to any new content added including Term 4
Course Outline
English Home Language
Natural Sciences
In Development
Content for these subjects will be uploaded as and when it is available.
Our priority for 2021 is providing content for the five subjects above.
Afrikaans First Additional Language In development
Technology In development
Economic & Management Sciences In development
Life Orientation Not available in 2021