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Grade 8 Technology


Access expires 14 December 2024

  • 6 illustrated workbooks (83 pages) with exercises and activities cover the 6 topics detailed below.
  • The workbooks all have memos.
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Please note that there are no video lessons for this subject.

Suitable for learners aged 12 – 14 and those completing Senior Phase Technology through the CAPS curriculum. Note that for the IEB syllabus, specific components of this section apply as the range of topics covered is primarily based on an individual school’s choice.

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Design and structure
Technology is a subject that relies on process analysis to conclude. The Senior Phase requires a focus on the basic concepts and the ability to apply these whilst considering scenarios that are a part of our daily lives. This pack of worksheets incorporates the initial concepts repeatedly covered through Grades 7 – 9. It develops these with the introduction of structures. Each worksheet works through a concept, with scenario-based and revision exercises and memoranda that guide and advise what essential concepts should not be ignored. Each task is structured, so revision, recap, and assessment are essential.

Graphic communication
This topic covers the fundamentals of graphic communication as they are taught in technology. Concepts establish the foundations of technical drawing and require the integration of maths and some science concepts with essential art elements.
This section is beneficial for learners who struggle to develop the concepts and require step-by-step instruction and demonstration of how these concepts are developed. Understanding comes from focusing on the definitions and building from that; this is what these worksheets do, and continue to apply the concepts through revision and recap worksheets.

Mechanical systems and control
This topic covers the foundational concepts of mechanical advantage, where levers are the focus, and the calculation of what advantage is gained by completing specific tasks. It further elaborates on the types of gear covered in Grade 8 and provides a recap of information and a sample test to extend learning further. It introduces the analysis of gear systems usually covered in Term three.

Positive impact of technology on society
This covers processing in technology, considering if there is a positive impact and how technology has affected society. It is designed as a task-based section, which practically applies the technology evaluation process when assessing a real-world problem. It seeks to engage learners with content in so far as to what extent knowledge of technology can be applied to not only solve a problem but also provide sustainable solutions too. It assists with building the skills needed to complete practical assessment tasks.

Gears and analysis of gear systems
This section covers the analysis of gears where the content covered in mechanical systems and controls is applied in a bicycle gear system. It introduces the concepts of input, process and output and has exercises and tests that revise all that is covered in analysing gears. Technology is a practical subject that seeks to allow learners to apply what they have learnt in considering different aspects of technological life.

Electrical and electronic systems
This topic provides an interrogative approach where foundations on electrical systems are developed before applying this information to the content developed in this section. It includes, amongst others, impact and bias in technology, cells of an electric circuit, supplying electricity to the nation, and transmitting and distributing electricity.

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