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Grade 9 Mathematics Mid-Year Assessment


Access expires 14 December 2024

Suitable for: 13 – 15 years / CAPS Gr 9

  • 1 ATP-Aligned Revision Paper
  • 1 Memo
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E-Academy’s assessments are written according to the CAPS requirements and this paper is aligned with the current Amended Teaching Plan (ATP).

It is based on a typical mid-year paper to familiarise learners with what they can expect to be asked in an exam, which affords them a stress-free opportunity to revise crucial topics while practicing the skill of writing an assessment.


Remember that these resources are available for anyone to purchase, so use our assessments as templates for your own question papers, but don't use them verbatim for actual exams.

Mid-year revision paper

13 - 15 years / CAPS Gr 9

1 Paper + 1 Memo

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