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Grade 9 Technology


Access expires 14 December 2024

  • Illustrated workbooks (± 70 pages) with exercises and activities that cover the topics detailed below.
  • The workbooks all have memos.
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Please note that there are no video lessons for this subject.

Suitable for learners aged 13 – 15 and those completing Senior Phase Technology through the CAPS curriculum. Note that for the IEB syllabus, specific components of this section apply as the range of topics covered is primarily based on an individual school’s choice.

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Term 1 Graphic communication and structural members
This topic covers the content in term one of the Grade 9 CAPS Syllabus. It seeks to reassess those skills that are developed in Grade 8 and then build on those foundations in preparation for the streams which Technology serves when subject choices are made for Grade 10. The content covers terminology, design skills, and structural members, where the development and assessment are the same as a level higher than required in Grade 8. Lastly, the section is rounded off with a revision exercise to reinforce skills developed throughout the section.

Term 2 Pneumatics, hydraulics, pulleys and gears
This topic covers the content in term two of the Grade 9 Technology syllabus. It builds on the content developed in Grade 8 regarding mechanical systems. It develops the evaluation skill of Technology where real-life examples are used to further develop an understanding of Technology as more than just a subject but a project-based assessment of real-life issues. The section covers a variety of pulleys and gears, for example, cleats and bevel gears, which students may need to gain knowledge of but would be able to identify through progressive work through the section. It touches on mechanical advantage and other force and gear-related topics the CAPS curriculum covers.

Term 3 Electrical systems and control
This topic includes the content covered in term three of the Grade 9 Technology syllabus. Technology requires that one evaluate and communicate what has been designed after designing. It covers Ohms law, a practical investigation on energy, diodes, LED’s and resistor colour codes. Each worksheet develops the concept and an evaluation to better engage with what is being assessed.

Term 4 Processing
This topic covers the content in term four of the Grade 9 Technology syllabus. It details the different types of processing, with an analysis of terminology and distinctions focusing on food processing. It aims to develop a learner's creative thinking whilst better preparing them for Grade 10 consumer studies, regarding a broader consideration of food technology and how one looks at technology as the subject, applying to their immediate environment. The CAPS curriculum generally covers the content provided here.

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