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History: Transport Through Time (without video)


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Suitable for: 8 – 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

  • 12 Worksheets
  • 11 Memos

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The "Transport Through Time" topic introduces young children to the different forms of transport used over time. It explores how animals were used, the development of the wheel, and the introduction of carts, wagons and coaches. It explores the invention of and improvements to the bicycle, motorcycle, and motorcar and discusses the progress of train travel. The topic delves into water transport, including rafts, canoes, boats and early ocean transport, before exploring the more modern transport forms. The hot-air balloon and the invention of the aircraft are also explored, with a particular focus on the Wright brothers.

  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Land transport - Animals
  • 03 Land transport - The wheel
  • 04 Land transport - Carts, wagons, carriages and coaches
  • 05 Land transport - The bicycle and motorcycle
  • 06 Land transport - The steam engine, locomotive and train
  • 07 Land transport - The motorcar
  • 08 Water transport - Rafts, canoes and reed boats
  • 09 Water transport - Early forms of ocean transport
  • 10 Water transport - Modern forms of water transport
  • 11 Air transport - Hot-air balloons and airships
  • 12 Air transport - The Wright brothers - Modern air transport

Transport through time

8 - 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

12 Worksheets + 11 Memos

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