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Mathematics: Gr 6 Year-end Revision Paper Walk-through


Access expires 14 December 2024

Suitable for: 10 – 12 years / CAPS Gr 6

  • 2-Part Video Walk-through
  • 1 Revision Paper
  • 1 Memo
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This bundle has been specially designed to test the CAPS Grade 6 Mathematics content from Term 3 and Term 4.

The revision paper covers a variety of low-, middle- and higher-order questions. Students will practise answering the different types of questions used in Mathematics papers.

Even though this is a Mathematics paper, questions are asked in various ways, which need reading and answering skills for understanding.

The video walk-through focuses on keywords used within the questions. It explains how the questions are structured and refers to the mark allocation of each question.

Students will have an opportunity to formulate their answers while pausing the video and then resuming the video to check their answers.

The memo provided during the walk-through teaches students how to structure their answers and how marks are awarded or deducted.

Learners will undoubtedly approach their school assessments more confidently after using this revision paper bundle.

Year-end revision paper

10 - 12 years / CAPS Gr 6

2 Videos + 1 Paper + 1 Memo

The content covered is included here:

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