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Natural Sciences and Technology: Planet Earth and Beyond Quizzes


Access expires 14 December 2024

Suitable for: 8 – 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

  • 5 Videos
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These five video quizzes help Grade 4 learners (8-10 year-olds) test their knowledge of the content covered in their year-end assessments and are based on the "Planet Earth and Beyond" topic. Each quiz introduces a series of multiple-choice questions, and a fun countdown timer shows your child how much time is left to select an answer. When the time’s up, the answer is revealed! A fun, stress-free way to help them revise.

The questions chosen are selected from the video and worksheet material offered in the Grade 4 Bundle on the "Planet Earth and Beyond" topic, which introduces young children to features of the Earth and our place in space. It also delves into Earth’s movement around the Sun and the features and phases of the moon. There is also a fun lesson about modelling a rocket.

Natural Sciences and Technology
Planet Earth and Beyond Quizzes

8 - 10 years / CAPS Gr 4

5 Videos

The content covered is included here:

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